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Tanzanian specialists
Quality guides are key to any travel experience—this is why we only invite seasoned, highly-skilled specialists to join the Zohar team.
Our Tanzanian safari guides have years of experience safely and enjoyably leading visitors in, around, and out of the African bush BUT, while Tanzanian wildlife preserves, national parks, and game reserves cover about 30% of the country, Zohar guides are not limited to bush experience!
Zohar’s specialists can introduce you to our country’s diverse eco-cultures—from mountain climbing, primate tracking, wildlife viewing, nature hikes, island activities, to visiting remote tribes of the Serengeti and other locales.

Zohar’s naturalist guides…
– Extremely knowledgeable in their specialized disciplines:
– Bush guides
– Primate trackers
– Some of the most highly-skilled, mountain-trekking experts in Tanzania
– Excellent teachers and communicators who speak fluent and clearly-understood English.
– Their core of knowledge includes topography, geology, ecology, and flora as well as the character and habits of native animal species—both hunter and hunted.
– They possess a deep understanding of how man and nature have adapted in order to survive in harsh and remote regions.
– Professionally trained in safety-related matters—vehicular and medical.
– Understand customer service—being attuned to group dynamics, they consider your physical, emotional, and intellectual needs and, if necessary, can tweak an existing itinerary.
– Adhere to the highest professional standards and levels of integrity.

Training, certification, and credentials
Zohar guides have passed the stringent accreditation process study and professional tour-guide training at a Tanzanian college, certification, and then official registration. In addition, our guides have field experience and hold both a valid driver’s license and a first-aid certificate. We employ safari guides with 5+ years of experience and ensure regular participation in safety training. Zohar’s exacting standards ensure we meet your expectations and bring to the relationship only the highest level of professional ethics.


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