Recreational Activities and Adventures

recreational_activities_1In addition to wildlife viewing and cultural immersion experiences are various recreational activities and adventures Zohar travel guests can participate in. Combining these various activities allows the opportunity to physically stretch while on long game drives. In addition to the benefits of physiotherapy, these activities also let travelers to have close contact with nature and the peoples living in the African bush. Zohar offers both high and low impact activities so its travel guests can choose the level of physical stress and strain they would like to have.

Low Impact Adventure Activitieshigh-impact-adventure-safari
Recreational activity specialists guide Zohar clients as they participate in hiking, biking, canoeing, local school visits or visiting rural African markets. In the Lake Manyara area, the culturally rich Mto Wa Mbu village and Arusha National Park, these activities can take place.

There are specific locations, such as the Ngorongoro Highlands, with lush green landscapes in a vast majestic natural amphitheater that is ideal for walking safaris. Manyara NP is also an ideal location for a walking safari that is safe from predatory animals. An outstanding location for waking is along the Ngorongoro Crater rim that has wide panoramic views of the 100 square mile geological phenomenon whose caldera floor is 2,000 feet below.

Camel treks can also be arranged with local Maasai, giving tourists a glimpse of the nomadic way of life.

In Zanzibar, there are a wide range of aquatic activities to participate in including swimming, snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Balloon rides in Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks are part of low impact adventure activities.

High Impact Adventure Activities
High Impact activities are designed for able-bodied visitors want a physical challenge.

Mountain Climbing
For the physically fit who want to push themselves physically there is mountain climbing, trekking and hiking. Mountain climbing includes Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru. Mountain climbing is usually combined with a wildlife viewing and cultural activities. Zohar has a dedicated crew of qualified guides and world-class mountaineers working with for it. Safety of its client is a number one priority. Our mountain climbing guides are trained and certified, making safety its highest priority. Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru have a variety of routes from which to select taking into account the level of client fitness.

High-Impact-Adventure-Safari -14-DaysHiking Into Steep Volcanic Craters
Descending by foot into the various inactive ancient craters in the Ngorongoro Highlands is a physical and visual sensation. It is an adventure walking up to the rims of area Olmoti and Empakaai Crater. While descending into the craters, you will see striking bursts of flowers growing along its inner walls. Once you reach the caldera lake floors, you will see a unique eco-culture of mammals and masses of pink flamingos in and around the lakes.

3-Day Bush Hike-Overnight Camping-Rift Canyon Climb
From the Ngorongoro Highlands crater region, a day night walking safari towards Lake Natron in the Rift Valley can be arranged. A Maasai guide accompanies the trekkers guide along with cook and donkeys carrying the luggage. After arriving at Lake Natron, a major breeding spot where thousands of flamingos in its the alkaline waters, a hike deep within its surrounding Rift Valley caverns along crags of ancient rocks is a thrill. Once deep within the canyon, a powerful waterfall dropping from 100’s of feet above invites the adventurer to cool off in a deep pool of water in a cavernous rocky hollow that’s great for swimming. This adventure can include trekking up the only active volcanic in the Rift Valley, Oldonyo Lengai, the Maasai holy mountain.

Ilikiding’a Waterfall Hike
Ilikiding’ais a traditional African village established 50 years ago on the outskirts of Arusha. Its Maasai residents’ migrated from the Ngorongoro Highland where they had lived as pastoral herders so they could live in one location as farmers. There is a 2 hour hike to a magnificent waterfall requiring an energetic climb into a canyon following a steam with the help of local boys and then through columns of rock shaded by a green canopy of trees. Home hospitality can be included in this visit.

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