Our Commitments

Education through travel
We see travel, along with its many other facets, as an informal and enjoyable learning experience! Zohar guests are members of an intimate traveling community who—during their seminar-on-wheels—discuss with their companions and guide about all that they see and hear.

Economic development, local empowerment, and cultural preservation
We are a social-conscious tour operator committed to community-based tourism that empowers local/home businesses. Zohar a Tanzanian-owned concern, employs qualified locals and, through responsible tourism, provides economic support to rural populations.

Wildlife and land conservation
We passionately believe in sustainable, eco-friendly tourism practices and conservation. Zohar offers educational opportunities for guests interested in East African wildlife and land-conservation issues and techniques by arranging for them to meet with experts in the field.
Humanitarian relief

We believe that education and health lead to a brighter future. Zohar can create opportunities to visit and participate in social service projects at schools, health care facilities, and orphanages.

Time for contemplation
Zohar’s pace of travel lets you process new discoveries in the glow of a bush campfire, in the shade of a giant baobab tree, or under a star-studded African sky. This ancient land, much of which has remained unchanged for millennia, begs you to become part of the experience. The natural rhythms of this land—reflected in its peoples, wildlife, and landscapes—combine to create an unforgettable, multi-sensory African experience.