Our Background & Philosophy

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With its Arabic (zuhar/radiant) and Swahili (zahur/flowering) counterparts—signifies the sun-washed, golden splendor that is Tanzanian Africa!

Our goal is to create a unique and personalized safari adventure—one that leaves radiant memories of your splendid adventure.

Zohar Background
Zohar African Safaris, based in Arusha, Tanzania, is owned and managed by multi-lingual Lilian, an African woman of Tanzania descent! Founded in 2014, we have satisfied guests, and enjoy a 5* Trip Advisor rating, and 5* Safaribookings rating

We are here to share our love and passion for this land by revealing to you its many and varied wonders.

We view ourselves as intermediaries—introducing and immersing our guests into the sights, sounds, and experiences of Sub-Saharan East Africa.

We combine three distinct elements to create a holistic safari experience—wildlife, culture and recreation. This mixture of activities lets you step down from your jeep, stretch your limbs, and touch Africa.

The philosophy of less is more is very true of the safari experience. Breathing time lets you enjoy and absorb new experiences in the company of friends, family, and knowledgeable guide.

A safari just for you
Zohar travel as an informal learning opportunity—fun, facts, and familiarity in and with the African bush!
From initial contact, through patient safari planning, till actually setting foot in the African bush, you will discover that the warmth and enthusiasm of the Zohar team transforms us into ‘extended family’.

Your safari of choice—custom, fixed-departure, or pre-packaged—is matched to personal needs and considerations: singles, newlyweds, couples, families with children of all ages, East African volunteers, active retirees, seniors, guests with disabilities and, of course, budget!

Our guests, during their ‘seminar on wheels’, enjoy discussions with their guide about all that they see, hear, and feel—whether on a crisp, dawn game drive or in the glow of an evening campfire.

We warmly welcome our guests to an African safari experience that crafts lasting memories.

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