Kenya Launches Chinese-Financed Railway Connecting South Sudan, DR Congo and Burundi.

Dr Ken Firestone

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The first section of this railway will connect Mombasa, one of Africa’s busiest ports, to Nairobi. The current railway network dates back to the colonial era. When completed the journey time will be reduced from 15 hours to 4 hours. Passenger trains will travel at 75 mph and freight trains will travel at 80 mph.

train 3After the Nairobi section is completed, it will be extended through Uganda, with branch continuing westwards towards to the Democratic Republic of Congo, northward to South Sudan and southwards through Rwanda to Burundi. 

According to Kenya’s president  Uhuru Kenyatta, this will make Kenya a competitive investment destination.   Kenya will be working closely with Uganda and Rwanda during the first phase, boosting ties between its neighbors

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