Custom Designed Wildlife and Land Conservation Safari

Our Wildlife and Conservation Safari offers you a close up view of East Africa’s amazing diversity of wildlife– plus the opportunity to meet and interact with land and wildlife conservation experts working on projects in the bush. Your itinerary also includes moderate to more challenging outdoor activities, and time to relax and soak up the Africa’s spectacular beauty.

In addition to wildlife viewing, your itinerary can include any of the following:

wildlife-and-land-conservation-safari-1Meet Land & Wildlife Conservation Experts
Interactive briefings with land and wildlife conservation experts working on projects in the bush are arranged for visitors interested in environmental issues in East Africa. The Serengeti is a fragile eco-system shared by big mammals, carnivorous cats, rural peoples and visitors. Global warming has caused productive lands to shrink, bringing these entities into closer contact. This has led to conflicts, as the Serengeti has a limited carrying capacity. Conservation experts explain the complexity of these dynamics and how their projects enable the co-existence of humans, wildlife and the sustainability of the bush environment.

Visit Rural Schools
Rural schools in Tanzania have environmental curricula and projects. These projects include planting trees, water purification programs and building gardens. Zohar guests visit these schools and can participate in these environmental projects with the wildlife-and-land-conservation-safari-3children.

Visit Ngong Rock
The Ngong Rock is a white rock made of a completely different geological material than any of the others rocks nearby it. The rock may be a meteorite from a comet. Located on one of Serengeti’s Kopjes, it is the world’s oldest musical instrument that has a metallic sounding ping when tapped on. This sound travels long distances. The Maasaihave used the Ngong Rock since ancient times to communicate with other Maasai. It is was pitted with indentations showing how early man communicated with one another and created music playing simple melodies on it.

wildlife-and-land-conservation-safari-2Visit Maasai Rock Paintings
In the central Serengeti are a series of natural rocky shelters that protect ancient paintings. These paintings depict the people, animals, symbols and Maasai rituals painted with red ochre, black or white kaolin based paint.

Watch the Greatest Animal Migration on Earth
You will see all or part of the Great Migration in which 2.5 million wildebeest, zebra and other animals follow water sources over an 1,800 mile treacherous annual journey. These animals mysteriously and instinctual move in mass in a circular clockwise movement annually through the Serengeti.

See Why the Rift Valley is a Major Flamingo Feeding and Breeding Ground
The lake waters in Rift Valley are continuously evaporating. They leave behind mineral deposits. As these waters become more concentrated and dense with minerals, their Ph rises and they become alkaline and saline (salty). They are known as “soda lakes.” These soda lakes create an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow that are a variety of algae. This algae attracts large populations of flamingos that thrive on this algae. Flamingos migrate between the Rift Valley soda lakes. You can see these natural phenomena at Lake Manyara, Natron and Magadi.

Participate in Exhilarating Physical Activities
Your itinerary can include physical activities such as a “walking safari”, hiking, and climbing into ancient volcanic craters for breathtaking views of East Africa’s pristine natural beauty. Other activities you can participate in include biking excursions in the African bush and through culture rich villages in the Rift Valley, nature walks and canoeing in soda lakes.

Other Activities
Have Cultural Experiences
You can add cultural experiences to your Wildlife and Conservation Safari. This can include visits to African bush villages, markets and participating in cultural immersion experiences with indigenous peoples living in remote areas in and around the Serengeti. Visits to traditional tribal-based communities include meeting the Hadzabe hunter gather bushmen, Maasai pastoralists and Datoga farmers and craftsman. Interactive olduvaimeetings with bush peoples are made possible by Zohar’s close relationships with the region’s tribal leaders. These authentic encounters enable you to experience and participate in every-day tribal activities, and learn about the people’s religious beliefs and the problems effecting their survival of their way of life.

Visit Olduvai Gorge
Africa is the cradle of humanity. And you may opt for a visit Olduvai Gorge, the famed archeological site in the Serengeti Plain where Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the earliest evidence of tool-­‐making by humans and the oldest complete human skeleton in the 1950’s. This was a major archaeological breakthrough that expanded our understanding of human origins to over 1.8 million years ago.

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