Custom Designed Social Conscious Safari


Our Social Conscious Safari offers you a close up view of East Africa’s amazing diversity of wildlife — plus the opportunity to become aware of the socio-economic needs of local Tanzanian peoples by meeting them directly. You will also visit reputable humanitarian projects designed that enable them to become more economically self-sufficient and help women attain greater gender equality. By acquiring relevant skills, they can attain economic empowerment and become employable at a higher level so they can access quality health care and educational resources. Your itinerary also includes the opportunity to have authentic interactions with rural traditional indigenous peoples who have inhabited the land for eons by participating in their daily ways of life. When Zohar visits ethnic communities, it helps support them financially as global warming has impacted their ability to survive as their lands’ have become less productive. Your safari also includes moderate to more challenging outdoor activities and time to relax and soak up the Africa’s spectacular beauty.

In addition to wildlife viewing, your itinerary can include any of the following:

Social Conscious Projects

Visit the Maasai Mkonoo Womens Network
custom-designed-social-conscious-safari1This engaging colorful cultural experience involves meeting local Maasai peoples living and working in their daily environment. You can visit a local coffee plantation and walk through the bush with a Maasai elder and medicine man who will give you a briefing about each medicinal plants you pass.

Visit the Mulala Womens Group and Culture Program
The Mulala Womens’ program is the only cultural tourism program in Tanzania completely launched, developed, and implemented by women. The Mulala villagers are subsistence farmers growing coffee, bananas, vegetables, fruits and keep livestock for milk and beef. The women in Mulala have united so they can support their families by generating income through various economic activities. You will be warmly welcomed by the village women who will proudly show you their activities such as cheese making, bread baking and the Mulala Cultural Tourism Programme that preserves their culture. Lasting memories will be created in this picturesque village nestled on the slopes of Mt Meru beneath a canopy of banana trees and surrounded by spectacular scenery. You can also enjoy a walk to the Marisha River banks, home to colorful birds and playful monkeys.

Cultural Experiencescustom-designed-social-conscious-safari2

Visit the Hadzabe Bushmen
Living in the Rift Valley, the Hadzabe Bushmens’ origins date back to the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. They are the last hunter gatherer Bushmen tribes on earth, and will welcome you to their village and invite you to participate in whatever activity they are doing. This might be hunting for game in the bush with bows and arrows, collecting honey, foraging for baobab fruits or just hanging around their ever-present campfires.

Visit the Datoga Tribe
Not far from the home of the Hadzabe, In the Lake Eyasi area, you can meet the Datoga tribe. The Datoga are ancient agricultural tribe who barter meat and honey with the Hadzabe in exchange for metal arrowheads and produce. They also have highly skilled blacksmiths.

Other Activities

Meet Environmental Specialists
You can expand your understanding and awareness of the fragile East African eco-system through briefings with land and wildlife conservation experts working on projects in the bush. In addition to meeting elephant and lion researchers monitoring the behaviors of big mammals such as elephants and big cats such as lions and leopards, you can also learn about the unique habitats that support them. For example, you can learn why the Rift Valley soda lakes attract large populations of flamingos that breed and live off the algae that grows in their alkaline saline waters at Lake Manyara, Lake Natron and Lake Magadi that you can visit on this safari. You can learn why 2.5 million wildebeest, zebra and other animals participate in the largest animal migration on earth as they circulate clockwise on an annual 1,800-mile treacherous annual journey through the Serengeti.

Visit Olduvai Gorge
olduvaiAfrica is the cradle of humanity. You can opt to visit Olduvai Gorge as you enter the Serengeti plains where the famed archeologist’s Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the earliest evidence of tool making by humans and the oldest complete human skeleton in the 1950’s. This was a major archaeological breakthrough that expanded our understanding of human origins to over 1.8 million years ago.

Exhilarating Physical Activities
Your itinerary can include physical activities such as a “walking safari”, hiking, and climbing into ancient volcanic craters for breathtaking views of East Africa’s pristine natural beauty. Other activities you can participate in include biking excursions in the African bush and through culture rich villages in the Rift Valley, nature walks and canoeing in soda lakes.

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