Custom Designed Safaris Overview


Custom Designed safaris are sculpted to your specific interests and needs while on safari. You can select the number of days you would like to be on safari and the specific dates you would like your safari to begin and end. You can also select the accommodations that best matches you budget and choose from a wide variety of activities. Zohar safaris can blend wildlife viewing, interactive cultural immersion experiences with the colorful indigenous peoples living in remote areas of the East African bush and both high and low impact recreational activities into your itinerary.

In this way, you can create just the right balance of activities that emphasize the specific aspect of the safari bush experience you would like to have. By sharing your preferences with a Zohar safari specialist, you can make sure your interests fit logistically into the number of days you would like to be in the African bush. Use the Custom Designed Booking Form when making your selections and a safari specialist will contact you within 24 hours to discuss it in detail and provide you with a quote.

Located below are some sample safaris you can use to help guide you

Sample Custom Designed Safaris