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Our High Impact Adventure Safari offers you a close up view of East Africa’s amazing diversity of wildlife — plus the opportunity to test yourself physically and mentally. This action packed eclectic safari includes just about everything Tanzania’s Serengeti and Rift Valley has to offer people who enjoy adventure, recreational sports activities, culture and more. It is geared towards people who are physically fit and want to push themselves. It includes mountain and volcano climbing, trekking, hiking and biking. The High Impact Safari combines challenging outdoor activities along with time to relax and soak up the region’s spectacular beauty. You will stay active and stimulated from beginning to end.

In addition to wildlife viewing, your itinerary can include any of the following:

Recreational Adventures

Climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro
Mt Kilimanjaro (elevation 19,341 ft) is the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Its snow-capped peaks rise above its savannah plain just south of the equator. It is a magnate for mountain climbers from around the world hoping to reach its summit. For well-trained mountain climbers it takes 8 hours to ascend to its summit and 6-7 hours to descend. For unskilled climbers, 6-7 days are needed to become acclimated to its oxygen thin air on its summit. Your safari will be an abbreviated 5-hour trek to the first camp (2,980m/9,780ft) and back to the base.

Hiking Deep Within a Volcanic Canyon to a Waterfall Near Lake Natron
high-impact-adventure-safari-2Lake Natron in Tanzania’s Rift Valley is known as a major location for flamingos that breed in its caustic alkaline waters. Surround it are ancient volcanic canyons. Our safari includes a strenuous climb through crags of rock formed millions of years ago following a trickle of water that becomes a roaring stream as you go deeper into the canyon. You will finally arrive at a huge cavern with a waterfall dropping hundreds of feet above you for a cool refreshing bathe inside the caverns waters.

Climbing the Active Volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai, Near Lake Natron
Located northwest of the Ngorongoro Highlands near Lake Natron in the Rift Valley is Oldoinyo Lengai, the Maasai call “Mountain of God,” believed to be the home to the Maasai god, Ngai. The distance from its foot to summit is 9,481ft / 2,890m). Hikers climb the volcano. It’s not technical climb, but it is demanding and can be a dangerously steep walk for even strong and well-fit climbers. Unlike most volcanoes, due to its minerals, when it erupts at relatively low temperatures its lava turns black and hardens in midair before shattering like glass.

Climbing into Craters in the Ngorongoro Highlands
high-impact-adventure-safariThe Ngorongoro area bordering the Serengeti to its south was formed by volcanic eruptions 3 million years ago. In addition to the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater where you can hike along its rim, are the Empakai and Olmoti craters. Empakai is arguably the most beautiful place within the Ngorongoro Highlands. Looking down into the crater it appears pink from the vast number of flamingos drinking from the lake on the crater floor. Along the walls of the crater are a variety of colorful flowers. Hiking to the floor of it takes about a half hour and the hike back up takes about an hour. Hikers are always accompanied by armed guards. Olmoti is a medium size crater and adventurers can hike into it as well. The climb to the crater floor is uphill is about a half hour to walk to its rim. Hikers are accompanied by armed guards. En route to the crater floor are spectacular flowering plants. Its base is where springs combine to form the Munge River that has a waterfall and hikers often walk to it. Olmoti’s pristine caldera floor is often inhabited by buffalo, various species of antelope, eland, land reedbuck, bushbuck and Maasai cattle.

Biking Excursions
There are various kinds of biking adventures you can include in the High Impact Safari. Mto Wa Mbu in the Rift Valley near Lake Manyara is home to over 18,000 inhabitants from 120 different tribes. You can biking through this culturally rich bush village. A more ambitious biking excursion begins in the southern Ngorongoro Highlands and you bike through rural tribal villages deep in the bush en route to Lake Eyasi in the Rift Valley.

Cultural Experiences
Visit the Maasai Village of Nainokanoka and Spend Time With a Maasai Family
Through Zohar’s relationships with the local Maasai, you can visit Nainokanoka, a Maasai village located near the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Ngorongoro Highlands. Here, you will be invited to visit a family kraal (enclosed domestic area) to meet a Maasai family. The family elder has 50 children and 7 wives, and each wife builds her own manyata (igloo-like dwellings) where she lives with her children. You will have time to ask questions about the Maasai way of life, customs and beliefs.

Visit the Hadzabe Hunter Gatherer Bushmen
high-impact-adventure-safari-3Living in the Rift Valley, the Hadzabe Bushmens’ origins date back to the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. They are the last hunter gatherer Bushmen tribes on earth, and will welcome you to their village and invite you to participate in whatever activity they are doing. This might be hunting for game in the bush with bows and arrows, collecting honey, foraging for baobab fruits or just hanging around their ever-present campfires.

Visit with the Datoga Tribe
Not far from the home of the Hadzabe, In the Lake Eyasi area, you can meet the Datoga tribe. The Datoga are ancient agricultural tribe who barter meat and honey with the Hadzabe in exchange for metal arrowheads and produce. They also have highly skilled blacksmiths.

Other Activities

Visit the Olduvai Gorge Archeological Site
Africa is the cradle of humanity and you will be passing by one of the most famous archeological sites in the world while en route to the Serengeti. You may opt for a visit to Olduvai Gorge where the famed archeologists’ Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the earliest evidence of tool-making by humans and the oldest complete human skeleton in the 1950’s. This was a major archaeological breakthrough that expanded our understanding of human origins to over 1.8 million years ago.

Enjoy a Night Game Drive
One of the most unusual and sensory rich experiences in the African bush occurs at night. A night game drive is a unique personal event with only the moon above casting its light and forming unusual shadows in the bush with dense clusters of bright stars throbbing in the African sky over head. You feel the cooler night air against your face and breathe the scent of the bush and hear the calls of the wild while traveling in open-air jeeps with no other jeeps in sight. It’s an intimate experience- just you and the bush.

Many species of wildlife are more active at night when it is not as hot outside. Others are nocturnal and see better at night. Hippos for example wallow in water during the day to avoid the sun’s intense rays that hurts their skin. These giant herbivores venturing out of their hippos pools to graze throughout the night. Leopards are elusive cats during the day but are spotted regularly at night. Lions generally sleep during the day and become active hunters at night. Very small wildlife like genets, civets, bush babies and the African hare fear predators will see them during the day, so they hunt at night.

You can enjoy a night game drive from specific lodges and parks 8:00-1030 PM.

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